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YOUR YouTube Video Removed? What now?

by Michael L. Mattos (MLM) on August 13, 2014

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Your YouTube Video get Removed or your YouTube Channel shut off?  What now?  What still works?  Before we get started, some house keeping notes to share:

  • Always provide VALUE to your audience
  • Do NOT misrepresent the company, the product, the service or the platform… Guaranteed your video will be flagged!
  • NO videos like EASILY MAKE $10,000 ONLINE NOW…  Guaranteed your video will be removed!
  • Be honest and be yourself!

Today is [todaysdate] and if all things were equal, know that every video uploaded onto YouTube has risk!  Any video that is misrepresenting companies, networks or products without value almost guarantees a removal of the video and risk of having your “whole” YouTube channel shut down.  Other videos such as “Easily Make Money Online in 3 days following 3 simply steps” will also get removed.  IMPORTANT NOTE and FACT:  I have been a successful online marketer for a long time and I have NEVER come across a product or service or even an individual that is easily making money online.  The fact is, Online Marketing is HARD WORK and takes hundreds of hours to master a single platform…

I have tested with several hundred articles that Google and all the major search engines rank high quality, relevant content and NOT just a website. So if you have a video, an article or a blog post with GREAT VALUE you have a much better chance of getting your content ranked high on the search engines.  Plus if shared across the Social Network and your content engages customers, you have a much stronger chance of performing better than even a website with higher authority.  Remember Content is King and outstanding content with VALUE will rank much higher on the search engines!  The search engine position is ALWAYS give the client the best search results based on relevant content…

Introducing Blogging Platforms


Blogging platforms have high page rank and authority so they are easier to rank, you can drive more backlinks to the article and if done right, there is a chance your content could be at the top of the search engines!  Because there is high page rank authority on many of the blogging platforms, you can actually be much more aggressive when promoting and backlinking the content – just like you would a YouTube Video with high authority!

YES I have one page articles and content at the TOP of the search engines based on a variety of targeted keywords, but I am NOT going to show the links as there are haters and spammers that will attack my links resulting with a negative impact on my Internet search rankings.  Want to see some of my examples?  Connect with me on SKYPE: michaelmattos

Have questions about your YouTube video being removed or your YouTube channel being shut down?  Want my free report? Please share across your Social Network and you will be able to download the Special Report on the blogging platforms I use. Have other questions?  Contact me here  or subscribe to my list and you will have direct access to me and my programs.  I WILL also connect with you privately to evaluate your current Online Marketing Strategy and help guide you to a direct path towards a Lifestyle Business

Until we meet along the beaches of the world,

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