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How to make your Video go Viral

by Michael L. Mattos (MLM) on July 5, 2014

I have said this before, but more importantly I have tested with over 50 videos that producing one “outstanding” video is better than making 100 videos that will never go viral!

This 45 second video has gone viral in just one week without any PAID Advertising!

Has YOUR Video Marketing Services gone Viral?


Why did I choose this video?  Clever advertising that is cute and that is why this video has gone viral so fast!!!  The weird fact is – what is this video even about?  Well unless you know the company behind the video, chances are you will think it is just about a cute orangutan doing a funky dance!  If you are like me, you Google’ed the company name and product to see what the video is all about.  This is smart marketing on the video concept as it sends a powerful and effective subliminal message that says “Google Me” and find out.  With producing this one video, company obtains website page views and exposure from people clicking on the campaign – smart viral advertising!

So who and what is Rynkeby?  Scandinavia’s largest producer of juices and juice.  In one year Rynkeby produces more than 150 million gallons of 50 different berries and fruits from around 25 countries.

If you have been following my posts, you know that my Online Promotional specialty is with “Video Marketing” because I know in general that most people rather watch an outstanding one minute video “vs” read a 30 minute blob post like this one…

“How to” Course on Video Marketing Services


Our buddy’s Mark and Frank made this 24 minute training video that explains how they generated over 14,000 leads in just 8 months without Paid Advertising!  This is the most powerful and intense course on the Internet today – period!  The truth is you can pay someone like me thousands to produce, edit and promote a video online and across Social Media OR you can choose to acquire the skills like I have and get the same results.

This course will show you “HOW TO” do the following:

  • Explains the proper length of video
  • How to properly upload a video – this ONE STEP is done wrong 99% of the time and if done incorrectly will determine if you video goes viral or not!
  • How to optimize your video
  • How to jump start or promote the video – this will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours!
  • How to get your video onto the first page of the search engines and at the top of YouTube
  • Simple “Video Marketing” tricks and techniques
  • …and so much more!

Getting ready to create a new video?  Either Contact ME here or invest in a “Video Marketing Service” and register for this FREE YouTube Video course that will teach you everything I know!  Good luck and thank you for visiting my page.

Until WE meet along the beaches of the world…

To “YOUR” Video Marketing Success,

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