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How to generate over 20,000 leads with these 7 Simple Rules

by Michael L. Mattos (MLM) on March 27, 2015

If you have been following my blog for a while, you have learned some strategies for online lead generation. You know that success on the web is not just a matter of providing content, but making sure that content grabs attention, encourages repeat visits, and sells the product, service, or idea. What you may not realize is that I follow seven basics of content marketing every time I update my blog. The results have been amazing! With these 7 simple rules, I have generated more than 20 thousand leads by utilizing common sense principles to my website.

Are you still feeling frustrated?  Keep reading and I will tell you how to generate 20,000 leads online with your blog.   View this info-graphic first then go below for a complete description…

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How to Generate Leads Online

How to Generate Leads Online

1. Target Prospective Leads by Framing

Each post begins and ends with a proper frame — just decide on the voice you wish to use and the mood and go with it. I am targeting an audience of readers that is involved or interested in the world of online marketing, so I start with methods for building success, such as speaking to inspire and persuade. Framing also involves being as specific as possible. For example, in this post I share the simple rules I used to generate over 20,000 leads online!  The reason I set this frame is because I probably already have some credibility with you and you know I have had some success online.  I also stated “20,000 leads” because I know most haven’t achieved that many leads online – YET, but you want to…

Rather than announce that you have discovered a handful of ways to make profitable sales, try revealing how much more your readers and viewers could make if they used the same techniques you employ and are sharing with them. Letting your audience know that you have not only done your research, you have accumulated experiential knowledge through successes as well as failures that will bring in more leads than simply telling readers what you have learned from other bloggers.

2. Grab Attention and Keep It

Online viewers do not stop to read blog posts, watch videos, or study charts without titles that speak to their interests and needs. Believe it or not, most people have short attention spans.

How to generate leads

In fact, did you know that the attention span of a goldfish is only “9” seconds? Take a guess what mine and yours is…  8 seconds!

YEP, humans’ attention span is less than a goldfish’s!

The majority of web surfers will not continue to read blog posts, but well-targeted readers are there because they want to learn more. Grab attention with a great headline and carry through with the content.

Ways to Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines

  • Keep it short and open ended…
  • Dress it up with motivational words by being descriptive with the title. For instance, “Double Your Leads and Maximize Profits”  will likely draw a larger audience than “Increase Leads and Profits”.
  • Use the negatives and hint at how readers can improve on them. Examples: “Zero to Hero: Learn from Mistakes” or “Overcome Shyness and Attract Real Success”.
  • Personalize headlines. Blogs build relationships between yourself and readers. A friendly and familiar headline tells readers that you can empathize with the issues with which they are most concerned.
  • Utilize real data, statistics and numbers. Solid, relevant stats and specific amounts of steps or methods encourage readers to take you more seriously than they would if the title were more general.

Here is an example of an attention grabbing headline:

My friend Todd wrote an article to teach people how to generate more leads and sales online during the holiday, so he wrote his headline:

“Did you have a profitable holiday?”

Did this headline grab your attention?  Most websites naturally have more traffic during the holidays, but the more powerful message is how much more profitable they could have been.

So, I told Todd to change his headline to this:

“What if I said you could earn 2 or 3 times the money during holidays than what you are currently earning? The fact is – you can, but before I share how, let me explain why…”

Between the old and new headline, which would grab your attention to keep reading?  Do you notice the difference?  Most people want more, so naturally they are likely to read the new headline!

3. Build Your Credibility with Real Informative Data

The more you know about your profession and what it takes to be productive, the closer you are to becoming an expert. Prospects are much more likely to follow your blog when they trust that you know the subject inside and out. The trick here is how to convey your expertise. I use verifiable data in my posts and utilize well-laid out infographics as illustrations doubling as teaching tools. When I use such data in my posts, I provide links to related material on mine and other websites. There are two advantages to linking through data: When you link to verifiable information on other sites, readers put more trust in you, and when the sites to which you are linking realize they are getting traffic because of you, some will begin to offer back links to your material on their own websites and blogs.

Believe me when I say this, practice becomes perfection so don’t be afraid.  Take the “First Step” and I always say “Fail Fast” meaning take risks, be consistent and LEARN!

4. Love the Topic – be passionate!

If your heart isn’t in it, the subject is not for you! I blog about the topics I love. I admit it: I have those moments when I have to be dragged away from the business in order to spend time with my wife and my two legged fury kids. This is because I am passionate about learning new marketing and business skills and then passing them on to you. If you write about what you love, you are much more likely to keep going, draw in more readers, and impress them with everything you know. However, if you are not all that interested in your blogging subject, you are much more likely to lose interest in staying up-to-date with blogging. It isn’t only motivation that suffers, either!  Passion for the subject also shows through in the quality of the content. When you love what you do, your work will show it. If you are blogging just to get things done, your work will show that, too.

5. Write for your Readers

Consider what your readers want to see in your blogging and what they are trying to accomplish by following you.  When you go out of your way to bring a smile to readers’ faces, you are ensuring a longer relationship and encouraging loyalty. When people enjoy following a blog and find the techniques useful in their own pursuits, they will take the time to make comments and share links with friends on their own blog posts as well as social media. I also show my readers that I care by attempting to write a response for every comment on my blog. As with any other relationship, the one between blogger and reader must be nurtured and sustained. I encourage loyalty by being as loyal to them as possible.

6. Talk TO Readers – not Down to Them

A few big words may make some people seem smarter, but using ridiculous grammar and vernacular (doing a funny here to prove my point:  definition of “vernacular” = relating to, or using the language of ordinary speech rather than formal writing) to show off how big your vocabulary is will not inspire readers to want to read more. I do not condescend to my readers. Truthfully, I do not claim to be more intelligent than any one of my followers.  Note:  If you have watched any of my videos,  you hear me say that “I am NOT smart” all the time…

I share the knowledge I gather and I appreciate it when they talk to me about it. If all I use is a jumble of big words meant to impress the “fancy” people, I won’t get the response I am looking for and I cannot learn anything from my readers. Using the acronym KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) works for blogging as well as most other endeavors. Simpler vocabulary combined with understandable and easily applicable direction will get and keep more readers.

7. Treasure the List

Email marketing is not dead. In fact, it is one of the best ways to let clients know you have something new to talk about and keep them coming back for more. I invite readers to subscribe to my posts so they can keep up with all the updates. When I publish a blog post, I send an announcement to all of my readers with my Auto Responder (aweber). Remember, keeping the list happy is not just about posting something worthwhile a couple of times a month. A good list is about consistency and keeping those readers coming back for more. I depend on those all-important lists! In fact, email subscribers make up nearly 30 percent of traffic on just one of my blogs.

Another way to show readers that you treasure them is to offer them something useful for their time. Opt-ins are awesome for generating leads and when someone chooses to download one of my free e-books or internet courses, they are also subscribing to my blog. Just imagine how surprised I was when I realized that “Creating a Lifestyle Business” had more than 10,000 downloads. E-book marketing has a long reach!  If you want a free copy of my ebook “Creating a Lifestyle Business” to read it for yourself, just click this link and download your free copy…

Lists are not all about emails and downloads. If you want true success, you must keep your friends on social media coming back for more, but what if you don’t have the time to write an e-book or compile a course? Try pulling old content from older blog posts of your own as well as that from guest blogging. You can use it to inspire others to follow links and read more of what you have to offer. This type of linking not only brings older content to the forefront, it increases ranking in the search engines. Send me an email or make indicate that you want it in a comment and I will send you a video explaining how to use email and social media to expand your business and make it even more profitable. Using opt-ins like free courses or e-books will only work for email lists if you make them interesting and useful. Give your viewers what they want and watch them come back and ask for more!

In Conclusion:


Blogging is fun, making friends online is awesome and meeting business associates is very rewarding, but you have to know how to generate leads…  Learning “how to generate leads” online comes from following successful bloggers and taking advantage of the services they offer. Many of my own readers are experiencing success by following my strategies and ideas. Can you think of more blogging tips to keep readers coming back for more? Please feel free to share in comments below!

Until WE meet along the beaches of the world…

To “YOUR” Success,

Michael L Mattos signature

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