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Do NOT Post your “BEST” Content – Guest Blogging

by Michael L. Mattos (MLM) on March 25, 2015

I am sure you heard that some of the best content on the Internet can NOT be found OR is NOT being read!

Now that you have a great looking blog, what are you going to do to find readers?  When you are just getting started online, you most likely are NOT obtaining hundreds or thousands of visitors each month to your website or blog.  So, unfortunately when you post an amazing article onto your blog (even with Social Media promotion) chances are that few people will read and share it across the Internet…

Plus without your website or blog having any Authority or Page Rank it will never be found on the Search Engines!

For these reasons above, perhaps your BEST article should be posted somewhere else – this is called “Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging works like this:


Post your article on YOUR website with NO traffic “vs” posting your article on a website that has thousands or millions of readers. Which scenario do you think will bring you more traffic?   The thought of posting on someone else’s blog just doesn’t make sense. Or does it?

Think of it this way.  Major websites or blogs such as, Huffington Post or even probably obtains 10,000 times the traffic and readers than your blog.  So if you upload a relevant article onto one of those sites and it happens to be published, your article can be read by a much larger audience.  Imagine the credibility your website can achieve simply from one awesome article – make sense?

By “guest blogging” you have the potential to drive much MORE traffic back to your website, possibly generate more leads which means more sales, and gain more loyal readers…

This ONE SIMPLE strategy is so effective that I like to write an article and instead of posting on my blog I will post on a website that is discussing the topic which has much more traffic.  Guest blogging “for me” has been a proven strategy to generate more consistent traffic to my website.

I know what you are thinking – “how do I get started and where can I post one of my best articles?”  


The “ultimate list” that accepts “Guest Blogging Posts”

  • 25 Categories to choose from – only post relevant content based on the category
  • Each Category has 20 blogs – find a blogging platform you like
  • Over 500 Guest Blogging platforms to choose from!
  • Click the “Special Report” for Direct Access to the Link

Don’t have a website or brand yet?  No problem – my previous post discusses branding YOU and your BRAND is a great reference to get started.  For direct access simple visit  “the Ultimate Branding Blueprint”  and get started now…

Until we meet along the beaches of the world,

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