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Branding You!

by Michael L. Mattos (MLM) on August 17, 2014

Something I am really excited about is “branding” and quite honestly the best part of starting a company is creating and designing something that IS a reflection of YOU!

I always knew “people buy from people” they know and trust.  However, when you are building a business online, how do you establish rapport with someone that you have never personally met?  I love this question as I hear it all the time!  The truth is, it is all about Branding You, Inc.  Just like Trump, Oprah, Tiger Woods, Madonna (I can go on an on) have branded their empires, you need to as well and once you understand this concept, YOU are one step closer to building a Lifestyle Business!

Think about it like this…  My website is displayed on the Internet 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.  At any given time, someone can find my website and “opt in” to one of my offers.  This produces residual income which is the BEST way to GROW your business…

Before I could ever recruit, train, duplicate and lead Online, I had to brand myself as someone that knew what they were doing and knew what they wanted.  If people buy from people – what set me apart? MY BRAND!  Sure Social Media marketing, YouTube marketing, Content Promotion and even SEO is important to generate leads and recruit, but if you don’t have a brand it WILL be difficult to perform these things Online.

The Ultimate Branding BlueprintThis is why I LOVE THE ABOVE COURSE “The Ultimate Branding Blueprint” which was created by my friend Tanya Aliza – an amazing Online Rockstar.  Click on the image or the link above and discover how to Brand You, Inc.  I did, and it has been the best investment to my Online Marketing Strategy.

If you are unsure how to Brand You, Inc. or Your Brand and you want someone to mastermind some concepts or ideas with you, then we should connect!  I LOVE  the creative process and would enjoy hearing what your idea might be.  Contact me here and lets brainstorm…

Until we meet along the beaches of the world,

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P.S. This Wednesday night, there will be a LIVE training webinar that will provide a better understanding of Internet Marketing and Promotion!

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