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411mlm About Us

Thank you for visiting my personal webpage and BLOG!

My name is “Michael L. Mattos” (MLM) the “Lounge Chair Marketer” working along some of the most beautiful beaches of the world and currently living in Cabo San Lucas, Baja.

During my past career life, I worked 70 – 80 hours a week building sales team and commuted several hours a day to and from the office.  I felt trapped and hated my J.O.B!   After the company I worked for was acquired, I found myself unemployed, confused and lost with direction.   Not willing to give up, I became self employed and eventually built and sold two companies and have never had to look back at the corporate world…

After enjoying some time away from work, I had a serious reality check:

  • I was too young to retire
  • I needed something to do
  • I was unemployable as no one would hire me
  • I needed to be able to work from a cell phone, laptop and lounge chair

I knew I had to reinvent myself and acquire a new skill, plus I wanted something to do with the Internet where I could help others “Create a Lifestyle Business” towards a better life and with financial freedom…

When I first got started online, I purchased every quick rich product, wasted hundreds of hours researching different methods and even joined FOUR different MLM / Network Marketing companies only to fail with every one of them… Beyond losing thousands of dollars, I was quickly losing friends and family support.  However, I never gave up on my passion and dream plus I was determined to succeed online! Enter MLSP – best investment of time and money I have ever made!

With the training and resources of MLSP, I now perform Online Advertising services for businesses all across the world, I charge several thousand dollars for my experience and I am happy to say I work when I want and where I want – usually from my laptop on some of the most amazing beaches across the world!

Starting right now, I am looking for other leaders, team players, action takers and people who will invest in learning the system to make their dreams come true.  Is it easy?  NO, but if you learn the strategies, acquire the skills and have the right leadership then your Lifestyle Business is just a few months away!

Ready to retire from your J.O.B?  Want to set your own hours or work along any beach in the world?  CONTACT ME right now and get started!

Until WE meet along the beaches of the world…

411mlm About Us

The Lounge Chair Marketer,

Michael L Mattos signature

P.S. This Wednesday night, there will be a LIVE training webinar that will provide a better understanding of Internet Marketing and Promotion!

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